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examine: slow / soft / slight + gentle
2016 3-channel video installation with Ambisonics via MAX/MSP; HD color; 16:3; 11'; ambisonic sound

Starting the examination: Hope you are alright? Are you feeling well? Please sit down - relax. And don’t worry, this …is absolutely painless.

A tightly woven collage of several characters - various eyes full of expectation - is ready to make you feel better now. This work is an artistic research in the field of net culture, assessing the Youtube neologism ASMR by questioning virtual inheritance and narcissism. But its not all about self presentation. ASMR differs from other Youtube phenomena by using binaural sound-recordings transporting physical sensations. The associated presence of virtual proximity, a comparison of proximity in form of personal service as well as the role of mothering play an important part by analyzing these scenes. ASMR is tying up those themes and creates a world full of caring togetherness. An approach of the work is to stage the intimacy and the physical experience by spreading the tools of an usual Youtube user (headphone / screen) into room-Installation (3 screens / Ambisonic sound system via MAX/MSP). 

Max code: Benjamin Weber

Excerpt 3-channel installation, headphones recommended, PW: preview

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