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Buzzkill: All Haircuts are sacred
performance by Caroline Beach, april 2023, every tuesday at BIAS Gallery Dresden
performed by Caroline Beach and Lucie Friederike Mueller

All Haircuts are Sacred is a performance that offers small contracts of transmission. From its vital roots to split ends, hair encodes personal history and ferries this information between the living and the dead. A haircut then is a chore, a ritual, an indulgence, an exorcism: the necessary shedding of self. In order to address not only the physical but the spiritual accumulation of dead tissue, the hair cutters make use of a range of real and invented tools. Conversation, hair reiki, shaving sound baths, and analogue scissors can all rid one of oneself, that is, if you know how to negotiate. Both, the one cutting and the one getting cut, must work together as mediums in order to disentangle desire from all the other voices in the room. Looking at the undervaluing of "feminised labor" and the disparities of transactional care, this performance seeks to create a space where every gesture no matter how arbitrary could be exactly the right one, and therefore all haircuts are sacred.

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