A Live Ambisonic Audio Play; 2017; sound performance , 48'

Part 3 of Audioplay; live

A live ambisonic audioplay is an audioplay which questions the criteria of its own medium.


The future of the audioplay is being researched: 'ASMR-Youtube' with its physical closeness function, 'horror' as the common safety element, emotions that turn into each other while moving in an anxiety-horror-intimacy circle, pieces of audio dramas that don't tell a story anymore but give a feeling


The existence of moving dynamic sound (ambisonic) sources provide a spacial complex, which brings the audience close to each other into the middle of the room, where it is perfect to perceive. The speakers don't have the ruling position, sound, voice, noise, tones flow into the room and become a unity.


within 3 parts:



Our Voice , Our Bodies. Always trying to be in best form to speak to somebody or a machine. Finding the right way of naturally speaking.



When a voice comes so close to me, that it feels like touching my body. Auditory intense feelings, emotioneering.



I wish no one would ever come close to me. Reduced listening, human beings, horror, everyday practices, intimacy, anxiety.

Vienna / the performance took place @ Schönbrunner Str. 6 ; (SSTR6)